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We offer a complete in-store and online sales platform that covers all your business needs. Much more than an inventory management tool and a website, our omnichannel sales solution helps you meet the expectations of connected, demanding and volatile consumers.

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Selling in-store

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Qualify your customer base

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Personalized communications

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Omnichannel sales management tool

Discover Commerce 360, the new omnichannel sales management tool specialized for watches and jewels retailers.

Accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer, this platform offers everything you need to manage your points of sale on a daily basis: supplier management, inventory management (with or without EDI), after-sales service, customer management, cash collection, statistical monitoring (sales, margins, best products, best salespeople, etc.), and assistance with accounting declarations (VAT, other taxes). 

Thanks to its advanced customer relationship management features, Commerce 360 lets you segment your customer base, send personalized SMS/Emails or according to pre-constructed scenarios (wishing a customer his birthday, relaunching a customer who has been inactive for 24 months, collecting post-purchase customer reviews, etc.).

Commerce 360 is fully connected to your website, whether it's managed by us or not, enabling you to offer exceptional shopping experiences, both in-store and online.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, you don't need to install and manage an in-store server or backups. We take care of hosting, backups and data security. We guarantee permanent availability of the tool. You save significantly on the IT costs imposed by traditional solutions, and gain peace of mind.

A turnkey website

With nearly 8 customers out of 10 preparing their purchases online before they go in store, a website is a must have tool for jewelers.

Showcase, catalog or e-commerce, we develop bespoke websites according to your design and features requirements. Once online, we update it daily to match the identity and the news of your jewelry.

Product pages

We take care of publishing the products from your inventory on your website (photos, detailed specifications, pricing) using our database of over 200,000 references.

We keep your website up to date on your behalf as collections are renewed.

Secured payment

Our partnership with one of the most renowed payment platforms allows us to guarantee secure payment solutions with optimized checkout experiences for all devices (smartphones, tablets, etc...).

You have your own access to the administration tool, transactions are transferred onto your bank account within 48 hours, and the payment methods are scalable to fit all your needs (credit cards, American Express, PayPal, installment payments, gift cards, Apple Pay, etc, ...).

Connection to your stocks

You can choose to get your real time stocks.

To do this, your website is connected to Commerce 360 (our omnichannel sales management tool) or to other tools on the market (Bijou3, Odéis, Sinex, etc.).

Generate traffic

We develop your online visibility so you quickly get more qualified traffic on your website to convert visitors into customers: Search engine optimization, advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, newsletters, Text messages.

We advise you on the most suitable strategies depending on your goals and budget.

Customer reviews and ratings

Over 50% of online and in-store shoppers are influenced by feedback from other consumers.

In order to value your expertise and the quality of your services we collect your customers' reviews and display them on Google, social media platforms and on your website.

Social media management

We help you establish your presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts and we can handle community management: Publishing content, moderating comments, responding to customer questions and more.

Emails and text-messages marketing

Building customer loyalty is far less costly than acquiring new prospects. We work with you to build a digital communication plan to send text-messages/Emailing campaigns in compliance with GDPR.

We produce and send custom-made newsletters on demand, using professional tools that ensure perfect mobile compatibility and optimal deliverability.


If you wish to diversify your sales channels, we identify the marketplaces that align with your strategy and products.

We create product pages  to maximize your conversion rates, taking into account the specific requirements of each marketplace while avoiding cannibalization of your own website.

Performance tracking

As digital platforms are sales tools like any other, it is essential to measure their performance.

Each month, we analyze the key indicators (visits, sales and contacts, quality of Google rankings, etc...) of your website, we share the results with you, and we suggest areas for improvement to achieve even better results.

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